Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Everyone loves a Mankini!

Anthony's 40th birthday was welcomed in prematurely with drinks and bowling at the Samford Valley bowls club, followed by a copious amount of drinking (and drunks), pizza and camping (for the suckers) at his house at the base of a mountain (it could be Mt Nebo, Mt Glorious, Mt Mee or Mt Dayboro... not too sure). It was a great day and night. Thanks Anthony! Happy birthday, and behalf of everyone i would like to thank you for NOT donning the mankini!

The sgs contingent at the Samford Valley Bowls club as part of Anthony's 40th birthday celebrations

Sarah, Mark and Joy
Kate and Thao

Wow, nice bowl! Sarah and Mark keeping an eye on the game
This is what we were best at, cheap beers at the bar
I think ben just lost a game... finally

Kate putting some very serious thought into her game plan
Anthony with his ladies at the bar

A fine example of our excellent game...

we were very serious bowlers...


ok... so things got a little crazy at the Samford bowls club

Back at Anthony's place the celebrations continued. Ness enjoying a bevvy
Kate and Ness
Ness, Joy, Delwar, Sarah and Kate keep the party going until backup arrived

Hmm... whos bike is that? Mark or Delwars?
Ness, Mark and Sarah
Ben and I
James looking veeery relaxed
Blue steel

and again
hmm, is this why all of the crazies in the valley want to talk to me? Crazy eyes
Me with the birthday boy
Anthony and Sarah
Sarah and I


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